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If anyone is interested in starting online teaching work the company I work for is looking for applicants.
Depending on your skills and how your demonstration class goes it will be from $15 to $22 USD per 50 minutes of teaching.

Apply here: http://www.51talk.com/na/?referrer=126049

This is very easy and all you have to do is turn up teach and make a short memo after each class.
Easy if you have already worked in a classroom or have some teaching background, but also easy if you are interested in starting out. You must be a native speaker.

All of the lesson material is supplied and it is all done via a platform that makes it easy to complete.
All will be explained in training if you wish to apply.

Lots of available time slots (classes).
I have never had any issues with payment to PayPal or worldwide bank transfer.
The promotion system is up to $22 USD per 50 minutes.
They offer lots of other bonuses.
Teaching 1-1 with a wide range of ages

They require:
Stable internet connection and a headset.
You will also have to be available for 25 classes every 2 weeks.
Classes are available Monday to Sunday 6am to 11pm (Beijing time).
Peak hours are 7pm to 11pm (BEIJING TIME) weekly and weekends all day..


51Talk- The No.1 Online English School In China

As a full-time teacher, I can work at 51Talk part-time from the comfort of my own home. As a busy mother, it’s great for me and my whole family.”


03/07/2017 9:02 pm