How Automation Can Help You Supercharge Talent Acquisition

Between the Great Resignation and Great Realization, employee turnover is at a peak, with many more open positions than candidates to fill them — and this differential is making human resources (HR) and recruitment teams’ work even more challenging. In addition, the average HR manager reports spending 14 hours per week on tasks that could be automated, such as managing job posts, resumé searches and proactive candidate engagement.

Given these hurdles, many organizations are adopting HR automation, looking to bridge resource gaps through increased efficiency in performing repetitive — yet critical — tasks, while reducing cost and time to hire. Let’s explore how HR automation can help recruitment teams reduce manual time on hiring to build better candidate experiences and achieve more positive hiring outcomes. 

For many organizations that would like to utilize AI in hiring, automating job postings is a good first (or next) step. Eliminating time-consuming  tasks —  manually posting jobs and managing multiple listings across numerous sites and platforms, for instance —  helps drive more efficient, cost-effective campaigns; similarly, automating placement and optimization of ads can have an immediate bottom-line impact by determining the most effective channels while expediting candidate engagement and hiring.  

From day one, integrating ad automation can streamline important processes and help recruitment teams focus strategically. Using automated tools such as Indeed’s intelligent advertising solutions, employers can prioritize specific hiring objectives, selecting relevant, objective-based campaign goals at launch — for example, maximizing the number of applications or minimizing the cost per application. 

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03/28/2022 6:09 pm