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Narithas Permpoon Co., LTD

Narithas Permpoon Co., LTD has been established to serve as a group of companies that will be established over time. The primary goal is to […]

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Java Programmer – LEADING POWER CO., LTD.

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Thai SMEs and startup companies to raise funds via capital markets

BANGKOK (NNT) – The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) is pursuing its initiative to encourage SMEs and startup businesses to raise funds via the capital market, expecting general investment this year to be challenged by external factors, urging investors to properly manage the risks.

SET President Pakorn Peetathawatchai said the SET aims to promote balanced growth due to technological changes in the capital market this year, by streamlining its services at One-Stop Service points for registered companies, as well as providing opportunities in Thailand and abroad through capital market connections with Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

The SET will be urging SMEs and startup companies to raise funds via capital markets, and improve regulations to provide better ease of doing businesses.

He said the overall investment scene in Thailand’s stock exchanges and capital markets will be subject to external challenges and fluctuations…

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High Tech Industries: Tech Jobs Aren’t Just in Tech

Stereotypes around tech often include images of vast futuristic campuses filled with scooters where employees can bring their dogs to work and take naps in sleep pods. But the truth is the tech labor market is more complex than that. Software engineers don’t just work at Apple and Google — they work at banks, transportation companies and food distributors too.

As the world shifts to being digital, almost all companies need some sort of tech staff. Because of this, tech jobs on the whole are on the rise — between 2012 and 2017, tech jobs as a share of all jobs rose from 2.8% to 3.3%. But within many high tech industries, tech workers as a proportion of employees are actually declining, as companies hire for nontechnical roles at a faster rate.

If this seems counterintuitive, that’s because industries aren’t as homogeneous as we think. It’s not only bankers who work at banks — a variety of staff is needed, including tech talent, to support the business. The same …

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