Don’t Be Resigned to the Great Resignation — How to Hire Now

Where were you when the term “Great Resignation” first landed? 

It didn’t arrive with COVID-19, another benchmark we may wish we had never heard of. While the Great Resignation became mainstream in the past year, the idea is not as new to the hiring world as you might think. In fact, I first heard of it in 2019, as a concept framed by Mays Business School (at Texas A&M University) professor Anthony Klotz. 

Is the Great Resignation the next normal?

One of the most notable reasons for the trend seems to be the sudden realization that our identities are no longer defined by where we work. And whether you call it the Big Quit, the Great Realization or, perhaps most accurately, the Great Reassessment, the driving sentiment remains the same: employees are realizing that what they want from their jobs may be something entirely new. 

The pressing challenge for employers now is how to hire and retain their workforce — and it doesn’t …

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Make the Most of Your Post: Three Keys to Objective-Based Hiring

Politicians run campaigns to get elected. Blockbuster films use multichannel ads to drive ticket sales and downloads. Community fundraisers aim to collect enough money to upgrade aging playgrounds. Every successful campaign has an objective it aims to achieve. Why should your hiring be any different?

Successful recruiting campaigns are built around measurable goals that go beyond simply filling an open role. As a recruiter, you’re aiming to achieve meaningful hiring outcomes that add value to the business.

For example, a mission statement expresses strategic goals, such as Indeed’s one-sentence summary, “We Help People Get Jobs.” This provides a framework for everything Indeed does. Meanwhile, an operational objective might refer to revenue, productivity and growth goals to support that mission. At Indeed, “We Help People Get Jobs” provides the purpose behind operations such as research, product development, organizational structuring and …

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How Automation Can Help You Supercharge Talent Acquisition

Between the Great Resignation and Great Realization, employee turnover is at a peak, with many more open positions than candidates to fill them — and this differential is making human resources (HR) and recruitment teams’ work even more challenging. In addition, the average HR manager reports spending 14 hours per week on tasks that could be automated, such as managing job posts, resumé searches and proactive candidate engagement.

Given these hurdles, many organizations are adopting HR automation, looking to bridge resource gaps through increased efficiency in performing repetitive — yet critical — tasks, while reducing cost and time to hire. Let’s explore how HR automation can help recruitment teams reduce manual time on hiring to build better candidate experiences and achieve more positive hiring outcomes. 

For many organizations that would like to utilize AI in hiring, automating job postings is a good first (or next) step. Eliminating time-consuming…

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HTI Case Study: 100+ Quality Candidates in 8 Hours

For several years now, Greenville, South Carolina-based Human Technologies Inc. (HTI) has focused on extending its reach to job seekers in innovative ways. In 2018, for example, the company — which partners with employers to help them build an engaged, committed workforce — rolled out its Job Mobile, a “job truck” that travels throughout the Southeast to extend HTI’s recruiting capabilities beyond its physical locations.

During the pandemic, as HTI and its clients saw turnover rate almost double to 15-20%, the company needed to find other creative solutions to extend its recruiting. HTI has experimented with various recruiting providers but finds that Indeed continuously produces the most quality candidates, reaching 94% of US online job seekers 1 (and even more with its Trusted Media Network).

Indeed Hiring Platform has also enabled HTI to increase the number of interviews its recruiters can conduct. For example, on average, Indeed…

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Navigating the US Labor Market in 2022

The number of open job postings in the US grew throughout 2021, and that momentum is rolling into 2022. According to the Indeed Hiring Lab, on January 21, 2022, US job postings on Indeed were 60.5% above their level on February 1, 2020, the pre-pandemic baseline, after adjusting for seasonal variation.

As we get back to work and hiring activity begins to pick up after the holidays, there is one talent trend that is clear to all of us: we are in a job seeker’s market. In all the years I’ve worked in the hiring industry, I’ve never seen such a tight US labor market or one where employees hold all the cards. 

The hits just keep on coming

There are many names for this phenomenon: the Big Quit, the Great Resignation and the Great Re-Evaluation come to mind. Whatever you call it, it is real. And beyond this immediate trend of employees’ finding their next great career move during the pandemic, the 2022 US labor market is impacted by more …

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Covenant Living Case Study: Achieving an 83% Offer-to-Hire Conversion Rate

How does a not-for-profit organization compete successfully for a shrinking pool of talent in this hotly competitive labor market? 

As a non-profit, Covenant Living Communities and Services doesn’t have the deep pockets to increase wages as much as some other companies, so outside-the-box thinking was needed to meet its hiring goals. 

Working closely with Indeed, Covenant Living began to centralize its budget and then created National Hiring Days. Using Indeed Hiring Platform, all 18 communities come together to conduct interviews on the same day. Optimizing the budget this way increased awareness, with relevant talent exploring new opportunities across Indeed and Glassdoor, and delivered great results. Covenant Living held National Hiring Days in July and October 2021, with plans for more, thanks to the measurable impact on high-volume hiring. 

“Simplicity determines whether a candidate sticks with the application process or drops …

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Rethinking Employer Brand in a Time of Placeless Culture

The workplace looks different than it did two years ago — if there’s even still a “place” at all. The fact is, we’ve entered the era of blended, dispersed, relocated and remote workforces.

Meanwhile, your employees are recognizing their own radically shifting expectations and needs, as the Great Resignation has proven. According to Indeed’s 2021 Hiring Trends Report, a full 78% of small to midsize businesses (SMBs) and 84% of enterprises say they’ve had to change how they hire to compete for talent, recognizing employees’ needs for flexibility in when, where and how they work. 

Evaluate your EVP

A great place to start is to evaluate your employee value proposition (EVP) to ensure it factors in the employee experience. But benefits, salary and a nice office space are only the beginning. 

Take a closer look at the work culture you’ve evolved. Employees want to feel empowered to do their best work and make decisions autonomously…

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