SET Hackathon 2023 announces winners presenting ESG data for the Thai capital market development

SET organized first hackathon, focusing on sustainable investing and use of ESG data, with 69 teams and 4 awards granted.

SET Hackathon 2023: Promoting Sustainable Innovation

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) recently hosted its first-ever hackathon open to the public, focusing on the theme of Wealth and Sustainability. Participants showcased ideas on leveraging SET’s database on environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) aspects for the benefit of investors and listed companies. The winning team, ESG EZ Invest, proposed an application development based on SET’s ESG data platform to facilitate sustainable investing, earning them the first prize. This competition aimed to promote the use of SET’s ESG database for innovations that contribute to sustainable growth for investors and Thai listed companies.

Empowering Sustainable Growth with SET’s ESG Database

With 69 diverse teams participating in the SET Hackathon 2023, the competition emphasized the concrete use of ESG data to foster creativity and innovation. The 12 finalist teams presented their ideas to a panel of judges, with ESG EZ Invest clinching the first prize for their innovative application development. The competition sought to enhance the adoption of SET’s ESG database for the sustainable development of the Thai capital market, providing valuable opportunities for participants to showcase their ideas and contribute to sustainable growth.


12/07/2023 12:05 am